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Water pump is one of the important industrial equipments, which in addition to its use in industry, is also used in residential houses. floor pump (EPS) or sludge pump is used to remove residues, mud and settled sludge or industrial wastewater. The mechanism of these pumps takes advantage of the pump surface by increasing the pressure and creating water suction. floor pump It has the ability to pump water from wells with a depth of 100 meters and suction sludge from large pools. Tuan Tek company will guide you in buying a floor screed pump by providing unique services.

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Why should we use Tuan Tek floor pump machine?

Advantages of using a floor pump


High working capacity

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Low maintenance cost


Proper functioning and usefulness

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All about the floor pump

Types of floor pumps

Generally floor pump into two types floor pumpIt is classified as single phase or three phase. Single-phase pumps for domestic use and three-phase pumps for agricultural and industrial applications. To keep and have onefloor pump Healthy with a long life, you should definitely note that these devices They should always be started in water because if it starts working dry, the engine will have serious problems .

The power of screed pumps varies from one to fifteen horsepower, and according to the type of use, the power of the appropriate device is selected. So it can be noted that Floor pump tariff It is also different according to its type and consumption power. It should be noted that the use offloor pumpIt is usually recommended for pumping and extracting water from shallow wells. If you have wells with great depth and small diameter, it is better to use submersible pumps.

What are the components of a screed pump?

The components of a submersible water pump include motor body, stator, bearing, rotor, oil cylinder, body floor pump, mechanical fasteners, retaining rings, screeding pump base, screeding claw and screeding water pump impeller. The components of industrial devices are based on the same components but in larger dimensions.

An electric pump is a pump for moving liquids from a source to a destination or circulating liquid around a system.

Submersible pump components

Getting to know the advantages of using a sludge pump

Preventing possible damages When heavy rain starts to fall, a lot of water flows in the underground levels, that’s why strong water flows can cause serious damage to underground facilities and sewage infrastructure. The use of submersible water pumps will prevent water flooding and damage caused by floods.

Reduce the risk of fire

Underground water installations such as heating systems or the presence of various electrical devices that deal with water flow can cause fire due to the conductivity of the electric current. In this situation, the use of centimeter pumps is always recommended.

Types of screed pumps in terms of pump performance

Submersible pump 
By converting rotational energy into kinetic energy, it transfers water pressure to the surface of the earth. “Submersible floor pump” is widely used in the fields of general industrial pumps, sewage pumping, drainage water pumping, sea water pumping, slurry pumping, underground water pumping.

Pump shaft and casing
At present, these types of pumps are used less often, and it can even be said that the use of these types of pumps is obsolete and no longer used. These types of pumps are used to rotate the pump propellers due to having an electric motor, they cannot be placed inside the water and should be used outside the well. These types of pumps are used in large water supply projects, both industrial and agricultural, which have high water pressure and at the same time average work.

Types of floor pumps in terms of cooling

The floor pump has two cooling modes:

– cool water: This model of pumps are cooled by water, which are winding and have a waterproof cover

– Cool oil: This model of pumps is also cooled by oil, which is used in Tuan Tek products, which is the best oil in the market.

Application of electric motor in floor pump

Using a floor pump, you can drain the polluted water in the bed of the water source and play an important role in eliminating its waste. The operation of this device is through an electric motor and propeller, and the creation of centrifugal force provides the necessary energy to perform the activities of the floor pump. The electric motor needs electricity to create suction. Therefore, the electric motor provides the necessary energy and is very necessary for the floor pump. The lack of electricity or the lack of access to water sources has caused the electric motor to be widely used and prepared for different types of floor screed pumps. This device allows you to remove settled water in any situation and clean it from all kinds of pollution.

Frequently asked questions about the floor pump

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As we said earlier, floor water pump is divided into two types, single phase and three phase, which is used for domestic use and three phase is used for agricultural and industrial purposes.
But for more detailed information about the suitable screed pump for your needs, you can always contact Tuan Tek experts.

Submersible pumps are examined in different aspects, for example, submersible water pumps are divided into two types of submersible pumps and shaft and sheath pumps in terms of performance. In terms of cooling, it is divided into two types: water cooled and oil cooled.

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